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Hello, my name is William Diaz, I'm from El Salvador, System Engineer, SLSV co-founder and this is my personal blog. You will found content about technology and tutorials, I try to share my experience with difference things, mostly topics about UNIX systems and Linux, I hope you find this blog useful.

I'm trying to create more content this year (2017) than previous years, so you will see more post coming in the future.


I have some hobbies, I bought a Canon camera last year (2016), and I like to take photos. Also, I'm a video gamer, my favorite game is Overwatch, and I'm one of the members of Azure Knights which is a gaming team from El Salvador.


Nowadays I work for Joystick Interactive, is a digital agency, and my job is in the advertising area, developing creatives for different platforms and different clients.

Blog theme

The blog is using Ghost and the theme still in development, I will release the theme for free soon.