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Hello, my name is William Diaz, I'm from El Salvador, System Engineer, SLSV co-founder and this is my personal blog. You will found content about technology and tutorials; I try to share my experience with difference things, mostly topics about UNIX systems and Linux, I hope you find this blog useful.


I have 2 years with a semi-professional camera and other video toys, so I thought will be fun to start doing videos for YouTube and other things, it is my current hobby with Video Games, I always been a big fanatic of video games, and right now the game that I play more is World of Warcraft.

And of course, this blog, when I have time to write something that can help to other people because I think it is interesting and useful I do small tutorials, I also share my other personal content here.


Nowadays I work for Joystick Interactive, is a digital agency, and my job is in the advertising area, developing creatives for different platforms and different clients.

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