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How to install Prezto globally for all users on Mac

Prezto is a set of configurations for your ZSH shell. Prezto is simple and easy to expand to add new functionalities and features. This project did not receive updates for a long time but was retaken thanks to the help of other users on Github.

Now I will explain to you how to install Prezto globally on your OS X system following these steps:


We are going to install Prezto in this path: /etc/zsh/prezto to do this we need to have ZSH installed previously, you can follow my guide How to install ZSH on OS X using homebrew.

The first step is to clone the repository inside /etc/zsh:

cd /etc/zsh  
sudo git clone --recursive prezto  

On OS X the ZSH configuration files are on the /etc directory so we need create these files: /etc/zlogin, /etc/zlogout, /etc/zshenv and modify /etc/zshrc, /etc/zprofile.

sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zlogin" > /etc/zlogin  
sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zlogout" > /etc/zlogout  
sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zshenv" > /etc/zshenv  
sudo chmod o+w /etc/zshrc  
sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zpreztorc" >> /etc/zshrc  
sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zshrc" >> /etc/zshrc  
sudo chmod o-w /etc/zshrc  
sudo chmod o+w /etc/zprofile  
sudo echo "source /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zprofile" >> /etc/zprofile  
sudo chmod o-w /etc/zprofile  

Inside the file /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zshrc we need replace this
${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zprezto/ with /etc/zsh/prezto/:

sudo sed -i '' 's~\${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/\.zprezto/~/etc/zsh/prezto/~g' /etc/zsh/prezto/runcoms/zshrc  

Finally you can open a new session in your terminal and start using Prezto.