Switching to Linode

For a long time I used Digital Ocean to host this blog, but after a long time using it I decided to switch to Amazon Web Services, and after couple months back again to Digital Ocean and finally, this blog is hosted on Linode.
The reason is that I wanted to try this three services and choose the best for the money, so I will not make a long story or a benchmark about these services, I just want to share my experience.

Digital Ocean is one of my favorites services, is simple to use with a friendly interface and good documentation, but 512mb of ram (this is the cheaper Droplet) is not enough to install some applications even using a swap file you can have some problems.

Amazon Web Services, is a completely different infrastructure and it is good for websites with a lot of traffic and specific tools on different servers. For a personal blog is a too much in my personal opinion, although you can use just EC2 without the other tools but it still more expensive than Digital Ocean.

Finally Linode similar to Digital Ocean with good quality and good price you can get a fast server with the double of RAM for the same price, the interface is not intuitive like Digital Ocean, but it is not hard to understand it also has good documentation, so it is my choice for a personal blog, for the money and quality it the best option right now.